Meeting to find innovative ideas to reduce CO₂ emissions

Hackato - Bomosa - Andbus

The event was organised by the Bomosa Foundation, the Government and Andorra Research and Innovation to promote innovative ideas to mitigate climate change

BOMOSA Foundation, the Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) and Andorra Research and Innovation (AR+I), with the collaboration of the Department of Citizen Participation, FEDA and HiveFive, jointly held last Friday the first conference focused on the reduction and offsetting of CO₂ emissions. The event was attended by around fifty people, including representatives from Andbus, and served to feed projects and innovative ideas into the national market for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions in order to promote the conversion of the CO₂ footprint in the Principality.

The meeting began with a series of technical and reflective talks in order to analyse in greater detail the challenges posed by the current situation. Anna Boneta, a technician from the Government’s OECC, spoke about the national carbon market and Marta Domènech, a doctor, forestry engineer and AR+I researcher, explained the role played by forests in the carbon reservoir. The researcher on Energy and Climate at IDDRI, Marta Torres, during her conference on carbon markets, valued the importance of planning “as quickly as possible how to reduce the carbon footprint because it is the only way to make climate change mitigation work and to have a better country than the one we have today”.

The second part of the day consisted of a hackathon – a competitive dynamic in which several profiles in teams meet for a short period of time to collaborate in the creation of a project or the resolution of a challenge – to generate ideas and solutions that could form part of the national market for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. At this point, the participants were divided into groups of four to each develop a proposal.