Snowmobiles in Andorra

Motos de nieve en Andorra

For motorbike lovers and for those who like to enjoy new experiences in the world of snow, we have the perfect plan: a snowmobile excursion to explore the mountains of Andorra. Would you like to experience the feeling of driving a snowmobile in Andorra? Don’t miss it and start releasing the adrenaline!

Snowmobiling in Andorra

The snowmobile is characterised by having a single wheel that is driven by caterpillar traction, and with the help of skis we can control the direction. In cold countries such as Finland, Norway, Sweden or Canada, they use this vehicle for their journeys. Its operation is very similar to that of a conventional motorbike, but with skates.

Snowmobiles can be used to travel through natural areas that are not easily accessible and they can also carry heavy loads in extreme conditions thanks to the luggage rack that some models have at the back.

As with any winter sport, it is advisable to equip yourself with appropriate clothing for low temperatures, as well as a helmet, which will protect your head from possible blows.

What is the history of snowmobiling?

The origin of snowmobiles comes from the need to get around in rural areas where it snowed a lot. The first snowmobiles were modified Ford T models to which skis were added.

Where to go snowmobiling in Andorra?


In Grandvalira, the snowmobile routes are in Grandvalira-Grau Roig. This activity is recommended for adults and children alike, although they must be accompanied by an adult. You can also discover the sensations of driving a snowmobile on a night-time excursion.

  • Daytime excursion 30 min. two-seater: 80 €.
  • Day excursion 60 min. tandem: 130 €.
  • Day tour 120 min. tandem: 290 €.
  • Private day excursion 60 min. tandem: 230 €.
  • Night excursion 30 min. tandem: 125 €.
  • Night excursion 60 min. tandem: 195 €.

Ordino Arcarlis

Ordino Arcarlís is another of the resorts that is prepared for this activity. This resort offers excursions accompanied by a guide or a pilot or, if you prefer, you can also drive the motorbike yourself!

The snowmobile excursions allow you to completely cover the paths of La Coma and the thousands of metres between the forests of Ordino.

During the day you can enjoy a snowmobile ride, an authentic experience that starts at the base at an altitude of 2,220 metres, with the Tristaina cable car.

Timetable: Every hour, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Duration: 30 minutes

You can also experience driving at night. With the help of a guide you will learn how to drive through the snow, discover hidden corners and fall in love with the starry sky of the Pyrenees.

  • Time: After 5 p.m.
  • Duration: 30 minutes

You can also experience driving at night. With the help of a guide you will learn how to drive in the snow, you will discover the hidden corners and you will fall in love with the starry sky of the Pyrenees.

  • Time: After 5 p.m.
  • Duration: 30 minutes

And if that wasn’t enough, they offer a different plan, with the best possible combination: a motoring activity with an extraordinary mountain gastronomic experience, in the cosy Borda de la Coma. Once the evening is over, a Gica-Oruga will take you back to the base of the slopes.

  • Time: 19:00, availability on reservation.
  • Reservation:


Naturland also offers snowmobile excursions for groups or individuals. These excursions last 30 minutes and allow you to enjoy speed in the middle of nature. You will be able to discover the marvellous surroundings of La Rabassa, at an altitude of over 2,000 metres. This trip takes place with an expert guide and in a small group.

  • Timetable: every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Duration: 30 minutes

What do you need to drive a snowmobile?

To be able to drive a snowmobile with your own hands in Andorra you need to be at least 18 years old and have a driving licence.

Other snow activities in Andorra

In Andorra, as well as releasing adrenaline with snowmobiles, you can also go mushing, an activity you can enjoy with your family, friends or partner. But if you prefer to try snowshoeing, you’re in luck. Here we explain the best routes.