Terms and conditions

1.- Liability

The company does not respond for any non-compliance that is not directly attributable to the same, or for any produced due to a fortuitous case, force majeure or due to legal or administrative demands. In like manner the company is not responsible for any losses in the link to their services with other transport companies, be the same own or foreign. It is exclusive responsibility of the traveler to be provided with the necessary documents in order to cross the border and make the trip safely.

2.- Luggage

The traveler is entitled to carry up 20kg luggage with the purchase of a ticket. Excess luggage weight of 20kg carries an added supplement on the ticket price of 6 euros on a one-way trip, and 12 euros in a round trip. You can buy your ticket on the website along with extra baggage checking the cell provided for this purpose during the purchasing process. Our drivers can charge for luggage fee, if they consider appropriate.It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their luggage is properly identified with a label containing their personal details. Luggage is not insured, the company is not responsible for loss or damage. Hand luggage is responsibility of the traveler.

Lost and found

In case of loss of any belonging in one of our transportation services, it is necessary to get in touch with our office telling us the information travel: Time, date and journey. If the belonging has been found it is possible to collect it coming to our office. The lost belonging will be kept during 1 month.

Special conditions for the transportation of bicycles

The transport of bicycles, has a supplement on the ticket price of 6€ on a one-way trip, and 12€ in a round trip. Because of limited space available, four bicycles per couch (one per ticket) are allowed. In order to travel without damaging other baggage, these must be packed in some kind of box or special bag. You can buy your ticket through the website. If there’s no place for more bikes on the schedule chosen, client should catch the next bus. The traveler will be submitted, with a minimum of 15 minutes before departure.

Special conditions for the transportation of pets in regular line services

The law forbidden the transportation of pets into the same cabin as passengers, except guide dogs. In accordance with the above, a maximum of one (1) pet per service is permitted and will travel into the luggage rack. Transport is limited to small pets, defined as dogs, cats, ferrets, birds (not poultry), etc. weighing less than 10kg. The pet must always travel in the luggage rack, into a carrier element or other element enclosed and safe, provided by the traveler itself. The cage or carrier must have waterproof bottom containing waste. In general, the transfer of these animals is the sole responsibility of their owners, necessarily travelling in the same service as the pet. The traveler must be present to the boarding, accompanied by the pet, with an advance of 15 minutes, personally introducing the animal in the cage by placing it into the luggage rack, as directed by the driver. The animal will be in good physical and psychic hygienic conditions for the transfer, the use of a muzzle is recommended nd must carry the necessary documentation (updated vaccines ... other requirements).. The loading and unloading of the animal will be made by the owner, ensuring that no one is next, in order to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous situations that may affect the rest of the travelers. The cost of the transport will be free.

3.- Ticket sales

The company can sell tickets in the designated places for this purpose, which may get discounts under the terms of the concession facilities. In order to encourage the purchase of the tickets we provide alternative media sales through travel agencies, internet, telephone, etc…in which conditions will be clearly defined to each one. Through the web most of the services performed by AndBus will be acquired, although it is possible that some of the services are not available. The purchase of a ticket with door to door service is guaranteed with 12 hours in advance. Schedules listed to the ticket are departure times. We kindly request you to be in the corresponding picking up point at least 10 minutes before the foreseen departure time. The rate “round trip“ is justified on the purchase of the ticket . All ticket left “open“ are valid for six (6) months from the purchase date. In order to buy the ticket by internet is required to fill all the forms and follow carefully all the steps. The purchase will be considered complete as soon as the financial data will be entered and the “paid“ key will be pressed, at this precise time a corresponding charge to the card will be made, being issued the ticket. Once the purchase process is finish a screen with your ticket will appear, which we recommend to print, if it is not possible, have with you the digital ticket because it is your guarantee for travel. Every Child will get a ticket regardless of age. Children under 12 years must always be accompanied by adults. Children under 12 years will not be accepted in any service without the supervision of an adult. From 12 years old, transportation of unaccompanied minors are admitted to regular line services. Children aged between 12 and 17 may only travel alone if parents or guardians issued the authorization for the minor to travel alone, always under the liability of the parent or guardian. The number of passengers cannot exceed the authorized seats, that mean that all children count as a traveller.

4.- Tickets cancellation

In case of cancellation of a ticket in advance

5.- Reinforcement services

In national or international services, the company keeps the possibility of using other coaches from foreign partner companies, when circumstances will be required, and particularly to deal with traffic intensifications with consequent traffic jams.

6.- Smoking ban

Smoking remains absolutely prohibited in the vehicle.

7.- Claims

There is a complaints book available to travelers on all our company vehicles, or you can use one directly in our office.

8.- Ownership of the ticket

Tickets are non-transferable. In order to use them correctly, ID or Passport number is required and must match to the information disclosed in the ticket. The mismatch of the necessary information, entail the non-validity of the ticket. The arrival schedules at the destinations are just indicative, because they are calculated under normal traffic conditions. Especially on weekends, or holidays, schedules are subject to serious delays regarding the arrival time previously indicated.