The objective and the essence of our business after many years is still the same: Offer the highest of standards of quality, being this our main goal.
We have put in place a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 and UNE 13816 rules of quality management and passenger public transport quality. This allows us to improve the management of our business and focus on client's satisfaction.


Our goal as a business is being the passenger's transport company of reference both in Andorra and the rest of the Pyrenees.
Enhancing sustainable mobility, offering solutions adapted to the new necessities of transport.
We compromise with energical efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions.
Implementing the latest technological innovations to facilitate and simplify the customer's experience.

We will achieve this by:

  • Working the seriousness that characterizes us.
  • Giving a really good service
  • Being an economically and environmentally sustainable business. Efficient in costs.
  • Being a role model business, with advanced technology and a modern fleet.
  • Taking advantage of the professionalism input by our staff
  • Managing the business with respect for human values, which has always characterized us and reinforcing a good environment with the whole team.


  • Seriousness offered throughout our history and different generations.
  • Compromise and focus on the client and their necessities.
  • Sensibility and social and environmental sensibility.
  • Well trained and capable drivers.
  • The management of the business is compromised with the quality management, environmental responsibility, and the client's satisfaction.Through the certifications by the internationally recognized business APPLUS applying the rules ISO 9001 and UNE13816 of passager's public transportation.
  • With the administrative authorization in the services that we provide, our vehicles, and also on the business itself.